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The first smartdex in the industry to trade cryptocurrencies

A radical take on socioeconomic theories of wealth generation and distribution, Prosperism is being implemented as a franchise of AlgoShare-powered decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for alleviating extreme poverty across country-specific regulatory jurisdictions across the world. Prosperist is the first of those AlgoShare-powered DEXs being developed as the first and the only country-agnostic DEX being built exclusively within the Steemit community using the Steem ecosystem.

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Earned Minimum Income

Earned Minimum Income (EMI) is a blockchain-based technology solution that creates a ZeroLoss ecosystem that autonomously and seamlessly scrapes tiny profits from the quadrillion dollar global algorithmic trading activities using ever-profiting algorithms shared by peers, and spreads such profits across the most impoverished so they earn a minimum income that's above the poverty threshold without having to invest any resources whether financial or vocational.

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Key Components

Three Unique components in a single umberella.


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Token Distribution

initial distibution

  • 15% Build Up Team
  • 50% ICO Investors
  • 25% Branding & Marketing
  • 10% Bounty
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